In 2018, Colombia was the second country with the largest cannabis quotas in the world! Followed by the Unites States, Israel and Australia. For a second year in a row, we obtained 40,5 tons to cultivate legally  from the  International Board for the Control of Narcotics. 

 The raise of medicinal cannabis landed in Colombia not too long ago, but it’ has caught the eye of international investors and entrepreneurs who see the chance of making business with a life-changing bet. 

This plant based industry is becoming a trend worldwide because of its therapeutic properties. In Latin America many countries are looking up to legalization. In Colombia since 2017, when the law approved the permissions for cannabis growing, cannabis seeds and derivatives came up with a number of 170 licenses (all types included). Still, the country is often related to its past with narcotics but that’s precisely the reason to turn the story upside down. 

These are 5 reasons to explain why Colombia:

Weather: Colombia and its privileged geographical position on the equator provides the perfect climate conditions (light, humidity) for cannabis farming.


Growing outdoors: 12 hours of sunlight a day means 80% savings in energy costs.  

Market potential: According to the LATAM Cannabis Report Colombia has one of the most profitable and regulated markets next to Jamaica and Uruguay. 

Prices: the cost per gram of producing medicinal cannabis in Colombia is 60 times cheaper than doing it in Colombia. 

Fuente semillera: this legal figure allows the selection of already existing cannabis seeds found in illicit crops for its use in medicine and science. 

Tax benefits: 5 years exempted from taxes for companies employing at rural communities.  

Bonus: the peace process signed in 2016 meant a look back at the land. Those territories where the access was prohibited or the ones with illicit crops, are in a new stage of reinstatement. 

Still not convinced? We’re working hard to give you reasons to believe in what we do.



Nice to meet you!


We come from a faraway place and we landed here with a bag full of dreams to become reality. Planta Vida wants to be a game changer. We want to play different but fair. In 2018, we obtained full licenses for cannabis growing, cannabis seeds and derivatives by the Colombian government. This gave us the green light to keep pursuing our goals: providing health, happiness and wellness.

There’s no doubt about the healing power of nature.  The benefits and properties contained on products made by the land are endless and that’s what we want to share. The path in order to become a leading business in the Cannabis industry is not a single road. We are ruled by a legislation which allows the opening of doors and minds into a global growing market as cannabis for medicine and science.


But wait. How is this done? Who are involved? Where is this happening? We’re gonna answer. Legal medicine cannabis in Colombia is a new development opportunity. The law sets the requirements for licenses, commercialization, follow up and prohibitions. This conditions apply for psychoactive and non- psychoactive cannabis and we’re straight in line. 

The plants are growing in company with people from the community in Yacopí, Cundinamarca who found a new chance for self-fulfillment. This town between the mountains was a witness of the years of violence and broken law in the country. Now, they dedicate their effort to cannabis crops and therefore changing lives. 

Join this journey and plant a green future with us!